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The 3rd International Meeting of TRI

About the TRI – Tinnitus Research Initiative

The Tinnitus Research Initiative (TRI) is the biggest organization for Tinnitus Research that is independent of any government. Up till now the organization supported many research projects in clinical and basic science. The aim of the donations for tinnitus research was to accelerate the process of finding effective treatment for Tinnitus.

The 3rd Congress of TRI
The Congress was in Stresa, Italy, from June 24 – June 26, 2009. Hundreds of Physicians, Scientists, Audiologists, Electronic engineers and psychologists participated in the congress. The formal lectures were followed by discussions in professional committees and informal meetings in “coffee breaks”

The Bottom line
I liked very much to see the positive interaction between scientists and clinicians from various specialties and different parts of the world, for the sake of the tinnitus patients.

Video Clips from the Congress
Mr. Luca Del Bo (M.Sc.), The president of the TRI executive committee, organized video-interviews to some of the participants. You can see the interviews as they are by pressing the relevant button.

Berthold Langguth (M.D.)

Additional video clips: clip 1  |  clip 2

Shemesh Zecharya (M.D.)


Additional video clips: clip 1  |  clip 2 

Pawel J. Jastreboff (Ph.D.)


Additional video clips: clip 1  |  clip 2 


Arnaud Norena (PH.D.)

Additional video clips: clip 1  |  clip 2 


Ana Belén Elgoyhen (PH.D.)


Additional video clip: clip


Luca Del Bo (M.Sc.)


:Additional video clips: clip 1  |  clip 2


Eberhard Biesinger (M.D.)


Nouvelles de
l'organization TRI

Le Congres annuel de l'Organization Mondiale pour l'Investigaiton du tinnitus (TRI) a eu lieu du 24 au 26 juin 2009, et des dizaines d'investigateurs principales du monde entier y ont participé.

Entrevues et
opinions en video

Au cours du Congres, des entrevues faites a des investigateurs et a des medecins ont etait filmees, telles que: Prof. Berthold Langut (Allemagne), Dr. Zecharia Shemesh (Israel), Prof. Pavel Jasterbuf (Etats Unis) et autres. Pour voir en video une courte resume du Congres et des entrevues

Patients qui racontent
Pour voir des histoires personelles de patients en Israel et le reste du monde qui ont acceptés d'etre filmes